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Hard to Stomach Blues
A reflection on the performance of our fearless leader to date, especially in view of the uncontradicted testimony from the impeachment investigation
Podcasts - Comedy - Political Humor
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Joe DeCristopher
Joe DeCristopher 2019
November 24, 2019
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Story behind the song
updating a musical idea dating all the way back to the early 1970s
Aint no snowflake, aint no socialist freak, but I like to play my guitar Cant you catch the whiff of something foul when his stooges go too far? Truth is battling with alternative facts It matters which you choose If you take the blinders from your eyes Youll get the hard to stomach blues Whyd he tell us that the one before wasnt born in the USA? Whyd he say that grabbing (you know where) is pretty much OK? Why is climate change a Chinese hoax, or science just a ruse? Bone spurs, quoth the doctor, kept him from war, Got the hard to stomach blues Id like to think he aint all bad But til he whistles that tune Might as well just stick out my thumb to hitchhike to the moon Hes been an s-o-b so far I guess he always will And if he wins himself another term That would be a poison pill Disinformation bout that deep old state, conspiracies abound Meanwhile, he kept the cash from Volodimir at least until his pants were down He and his cronies covered up their eyes Tried to cover up the clues Hard to grin but better hold your nose with the hard to stomach blues