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The Hands of the Carpenter
Simple ballad about our Saviors hands
Country - Christian Country
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Buddy Sutton/Dan Simmons
2019 Buddy Sutton/ Daniel Simmons
December 27, 2019
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Story behind the song
Buddy Sutton sent me the lyrics about a month or so ago
I was touched by the hands of a carpenter, He carved his name upon my heart. Restored, renewed, and delivered, Never to depart. I was saved by the hands of that carpenter, The ones they nailed there to the cross. Scourged and scarred and crucified, Willing to pay the awful cost. Jesus the carpenter Master builder of God's plan Jesus deliverer Has saved me by His hands I've been healed by the hands of that carpenter, Of the sin and the shame that I bore. Cleansed, freed and forgiven, Now and evermore. So I walk hand in hand with that carpenter, And by His side I'll always be Signed, sealed and delivered By His work inside of me It was the work of the hands of the Carpenter inside of me