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Wispy Wiley Wind
Acoustic - Folk
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Tyler R. Burns
December 27, 2019
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5:14 minutes
V1: Wispy Wiley Wind Against me and my home You hear that old whirlwind You think thoughts that you cant own V2: Practice all your aim On your easy targets Theres only so many more One mores in the locket Release my soul for the quiet days Its just one too many blue mornings, here to stay Holding strong within The folds of your novels Give up plotting revenge Lay it down now as a fossil 7 moons will end The time taken to unravel The coldness that you send Arrests the time to travel Find the old way to breathe Find the old way to breathe I was younger then Pale shades left to find me Now clouded nuances rain Down on my shining The roads will never grow cold These old highways that I know Never easy, never slow spelling dreams out as we go