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Don't Lie to Me
Americana with a touch of British Invasion. Not a thing? - Is now!
Acoustic - Acoustic Vocals
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Jeff Kratzman (c) 2019
Jeff Kratzman (c) 2019
April 08, 2020
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320 kbps bitrate
3:09 minutes
Story behind the song
Song started as a quick acoustic demo trying to capture the melody and become a bit more. Two overdubbed electrics and a 12 string on the chorus. Dave did his usual fine job of doing the leads and fills. This time we used some Abbey Road Automated Double Tracking (ADT) to sweet and make it stereo.
You say he doesnt mean anything That Im paranoid and hes just a friend Your thinking with feelings and not with your head Im not that easy to deceive Dont Lie to Me Maybe you just like to play games Wondering how far you can take it But the truth is youre not as good as you think At telling tales with lies as black as ink How gullible do you think I am You just were conveniently laughing Throwing your blonde head back Bare naked dancing They say a pictures worth a thousand words But thats not a photo for me Sometimes you dont quite get the point That youre playing Russian roulette You always say you want the best for me But I dont know how he fits in You always take the very best And throw away the rest
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