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Stiltwalk ** [1]
An older instrumental track now with vocals and words
Alternative - Alternative General
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Mark Gates
mark s gates
January 29, 2020
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7:16 minutes
Livin' in a vacuum, walking on eggs With a pair of stilts that are my old legs runnin out of options, not ready to beg this isn't something in my mind Don't need a tantrum, need no restriction rules chorus Help me mama, help me lord cut away the womb; cut away the cord Loosing me balance; these stilts are abhorred Can't do the stiltwalk; I'll be on the floor verse I can'y explain sometimes when I visit the rat from time to time I'll feed him, then I'll feed the cat I know where I am; been here before get out the toolkit and use it once more I'll be just fine and even the score chorus verseBeen a long time here navigation the past Need a fresh pair of stilts but that's just a laugh I'll patch 'em up as much as I can But they don't work too wel in quicksand I'm sinking and swimming to your command chorus lead chorus Don't need a map to navigate this Don't need a reason to make a wish Sometimes I'm open, and sometimes closed But I'm still with you, I hope you know. lead stiltwalk chant
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