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In 2020 (Part I)
A song about power, politics and medication. Along with anger, fear, depression and hopelessness. I wrote this just before the CoronaVirus became a pandemic and before we became aware of it. So, perhaps this song should be called "2020 Part 1"
Alternative - Indie
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Lee Shapiro
February 11, 2020
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7:34 minutes
Story behind the song
I wrote this song on 02/02/2020 and recorded it at 2020 (8:20 pm). I had three things on my mind. Politics, pain and my mental health. All of which seems to be deteriorating by the day. The Democratic Party has let me down and Im resigned to be stuck with Trump for another 4 years. My doctors have let me down. Theyve teamed up against me, and it seems theyre more concerned about getting in trouble with the government than they are with my quality of life. Ive been extremely angry and scared for so long because of this, but have finally become numb and now feel powerless. Ive given up the fight. I just dont care anymore. And thats what this song is about.
Ive seen the hatred, spread across the land. When crooked politicians, take a proud stand Ive felt the darkness, spread inside my mind I used to care, but now I leave it all behind Money and Power lets evil rule all Bloody encounters as our freedom falls Seems kind of funny, money and sin We saw it all coming, but we let em all in In 2020, No one sees clearly. In 2020, Hatred so severely. The year begins just like the last Youd think we might have learned from the past I trusted my government, to do the right thing. I trusted my doctors, to take away my pain. It comes down to money to screw us all My pain gets worse, I can barely crawl Now the doctors treat me like Im an addict They say their hands are tied by the government In 2020, they got me hooked In 2020, now I get dirty looks Now they want to take it all away Cause the DEA clamped down and make the sufferers pay I got the Camel Blues, to cheer me up. But I got no more money, so I had to give em up. Could be Gods way of saying, Time to quit. So I got no Oxy and I got no cigarettes Oh 2020, wont you please treat me gently Oh 2020, cause inside Im feeling empty. In 2020, sounds like the future In 2020, But it came much sooner They gave me hope, then took it all away Cause the government fucked up, and got nothing more to say. Youre either with us, or against us. Pick a side, it really doesnt matter. Red or Blue, Get over being played Cause the government fucked up, while the rich get overpaid. Oh 2020, wont you please treat me gently Oh 2020, cause inside Im feeling, Im feeling so empty. Oh 2020, Oh 2020, Oh 2020, Cause you leave me here so goddamn empty.