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March 25, 2020
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I've found that the puzzle is always harder then it looks I've found there's things, you just can't learn, from any book I found I sometimes ....I sometimes make mistakes I found that there's always one more rule to break The rules of the game, keep changing day by day. I'd like to win it just one time but it seems there is no way It's like a game of luck.... that you can never win. You can't give up, you can't walk out, gotta give it one more spin I'll keep trying, trying, trying to survive, I'll keep trying, trying, trying to stay alive I'll keep trying, trying, one day I realized I can't lay down and die, So I'm not done trying, solo You can lead or follow but don't get in my way I won't wait until tomorrow, I'm gonna live my life today I won't let no body, no body bring me down Stand in line and take your turn I'm gonna get up off the ground