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KaruNai Perum KaDale
Special Composition praising Goddess Shakti, Parvathi, Devi, the Eternal Mother and savior of Earth, based on her sweet sounding disposition, KarNa Ranjani, in these challenging times in the world. Set in Raagam KarNa Ranjani with a Abheri flavor!
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World - Traditional Indian
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Lyrics, Music Composition and Performer : Gopal Ve
Raagamaalika Music
April 05, 2020
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6:36 minutes
Story behind the song
This song was specially composed, seeking the blessings of the Goddess of the Universe, Shakti, Parvathi, Durga, Mother of the World to bestow us the miracle of getting rid of the Corona Virus Pandemic that is affecting the whole world and killed numerous people. The efforts by medical professionals, nurses, first responders and well-wishers throughout the world are unable to contain the spread of the disease and the loss of valuable life. It is my humble effort for us all to unite together and unanimously sing the praise of the Divine Goddess and seek her Blessings to eradicate this deadly virus and restore our lives back to normalcy.
2 _ _ KaruNai Perum kaDale Raagam : KarNa Ranjani + Abheri ThaaLam: kanDa chapu Pallavi: KaruNai Pe /rum kaDale , KaruNa Ka /ri , engaL (Compassion-Like the Big Oceans, Compassion Personified, Our karam thookki /kurai neekki /aruL puriyum /devi..... (our hands, you lift / Obstacle Remove / Blessings Bestower / Goddess ) Anupallavi pooraNa /nilavu pol /oLi veesum /vadanamum (Full / moon like / Resplendent / face ) narumaNam /kamazh malar /chooDum karum /koondalum (Sweet fragrance/smelling flower/wears dark/haired (Goddess) karNam kuLi /rum mozhiyaaL /KarNa Ran /janiye.... (Ears enjoying/Sweet Voiced / O' Goddess karNa Ranjani ) oru kaDai /kaN paarvaiyaal, emai kaathu /aruLvaaye (one corner / eye glance, us protect / bless ) (KaruNai Perum kaDale...) UruthuNaiyaai /Unai inRi /ulaginil /verillai (Soughtafter help / you without / in this world / nothing exists ) perum thuyar /thavirpavar / un nigar /yaarumilai (big trouble /destroyer / your equal / non one is there ) coronaavin /piNi agala /varam aruLum /tharuNam idhu (Covid 19 / disease riddance / boon blessing / time is now ) anda thiru /NaaLum varum /enDru thiru /padam paNindom (that great/day will come / so Divine / feet we bow ) madhyama kaalam ( in chatushram ) Oru naaLum unai paNindu, oru pozhudum thozhudu vandhom ( every day you we bow to, every day/night worship we do ) Oru kshaNamum ninaindurugi, oru kuralai ezhuppinom (Every second thinking , ) one voice we sounded ) Oru manadhaai OrumaiyuDan , oru kulamaai iNaindha em (One emotion , in unity , one humanity we united, our ) manida inam thazhaitthoanga, unadaruL dinam venDinom (man kind, to survive your Blessings , every day we request ) Swarams : GPDS, N,D, P,M, GRS ND SR GM, G, P, D, PDS GR, SN,D, RS, ND,P, SN, DP,M, GRSN DPMG RSND (P,M G, RS, ) (N,D P,MG, G,R S, N D, PMGR S KaruNai Pe /rum kaDale , KaruNa Ka /ri , engaL (Ears enjoying/Sweet Voiced / O' Goddess karNa Ranjani ) karam thookki /kurai neekki /aruL puriyum /devi..... (our hands you lift/ Obstacle Remove / Blessings Bestower / Goddess )
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