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Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
OK - We need to create the " i-BABBLES " NOW - infants are dying, and those adults with Respiratory illnesses and COVID-19 will LIVE instead of dying before their time - please read in the lyrics section for Part 1 and 2 - pass it on - Please
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Susa E Jordan
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May 07, 2020
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SIDS and Sleep Paralysis - Part 1 3500 DEATHS each Year from SIDS in the USA alone ... 1. Tell ALL parents:"SWADDLE your infants until 7 months of age, or until they can flip themselves over of their own accord." 2. SOMEONE: Create i-BABBLES or " Infant - Breath Alert Broadcast Beacon Life Emergency System " and save the infant before they stop breathing - Respirations will halt immediately ... A wired and/or wireless SWADDLE Cloth, and/or (Second-Choice) wired and/or wireless 'wristlet' and anklet (placed on opposite sides of the infant's body) - that 'communicates' and depolarizes the sleeping infant - with the "radio" which is directly above their CRIB - hidden as a bright shiny TOY and is deployed to an addon App when certain 'data parameters' are met - the whole unit is called The i-BABBLE, when deployed, can send emergency alert broadcasts and 'just checking' data to a multitude of devices - cell phone, email, audible, vibrational and/or visual alerts regarding on the baby's sleeping RESPIRATIONS , heart rate, respirations, and body temperature. The hypothalamus is involved with SIDS during Deep REM stage sleep - and the HPA Axis, thru subcortical pathways with thalamic involvement in deep brain near colliculi sends erroneous signals that never stop unless the baby is awakened and/or revived with defib The i-BABBLES Beacon is place strategically with a clear access point to the Swaddle Cloth - or bracelets just above the crib - which looks like a bright blue shiny disco ball - the baby loves it - This Beacon can even play a tune to help infant sleep, or to calm down, but, most important - When data parameters says to, the Beacon will: A. send emergency signal to caregivers including all Emergency info, such as rapid increase in heart rate, drop in ** Respirations ** , drop in body temperature, etc..... B. simultaneously turn on a bright light programmed to turn On in the TOY to annoy and irritate the infant to WAKE THEM UP - along with an C. ' Isochronic ' tone or sound that can get a human infant OUT of DEEP REM sleep. The parents or caregivers phone, email, etc would receive 'alerts' and the parent's transmitter would be portable, with a durable but not constrictive designed I-BABBLE Swaddling Cloth can be worn and it's wireless and/or battery operated - the Primary Caregiver would then 'add a new device' to your network as an add-on application so simple to create and the parent can get 'pings' when heart rate, body temp and ** Lack of Respirations ** reach a critical level; the lower body temp may be the first indicator of a problem beginning - especially a sudden decrease in temperature in baby's unswaddled arms and/or legs/feet... SIDS occurs during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) - in that sleep stage the body is saving and/or deleting important data and the infant is 'healing ' themselves while sleeping' and the body is normally paralyzed in all human beings during REM sleep - that allows humans to eat less and burn less fuel while sleeping - the arms and legs and other muscles are 'shut down' - the problem is that: YOUR BABY may be suffering from Sleep Paralysis Syndrome - this occurs when a human (in this case a baby) 'wakes up' during REM - They THINK they ARE AWAKE BUT THEY'RE not -- and they THINK that they are screaming for help to their primary caregiver and cannot understand why no one is coming - but no noise is made - because their muscles ARE PARALYZED just like everyone else while in deep REM sleep... except for 5 major organs, all other body functions are at a minimum energy expenditure heart rate. The KILLERS: OXYGEN Carbon Dioxide and NITRIC OXIDE OXYGEN Carbon Dioxide and NITRIC OXIDE slowly build up in the infant's upper rib area along with stress hormones Cortisol, Adrenaline Epinephrine and others while in deep REM; an infant has weak diaphragm muscles and under-developed lungs to begin with, and it is like they're DROWNING in GAS. Then comes:
Part 2 The Battle for Survival - The 'Fight or Flight' Response is engaged, and the baby, if a male, is more likely to Fight their way out - again and again - but they just don't realize they're still sleeping, and then those stress hormones (Cortisol, Epinephrine Adrenaline and even possibly Testosterone) are released AGAIN and again and the male infant succumbs to a painless death drowning in Nitric Oxide - and that's why 66 % of all SIDS deaths are male infants - they FIGHT instead of taking Flight like the female infant, which comprise 33 % of all SIDS deaths. Post mortem, the reports show an increase of Nitric Oxide AND petechial hemorrhaging at the Rib area - the bruising is caused BY the gases and Nitric oxide filling up again and again in the infants chest wall - thousands of women have been IMPRISONED, even murdered, for infanticide, because coroners said that it was child abuse causing the petechial hemorrhaging because no one seems to know this... NOW YOU KNOW.. Please, go tell it on the mountain and over all the mountains, please, please, please........ I am 70 percent deaf so I cannot help there, I am also blind - legally - I have Multiple Sclerosis and a Multiple rapid eye muscle movement disorder that hasn't stopped for over 12 years (AWAKE) and I am having trouble writing a BOOK about this subject and typing this has taken 3 days and my heart is breaking every single night for almost 13 years now ..... After the infant becomes exhausted, they die. So, somebody PLEASE Pass this Message on. I am weak now ( 8-11-2020 ) - HELLPPPPP ..... I need YOUR HELP to create this i-BABBLES - Please - WHAT MORE CAN I DO? YOU CAN SPREAD THIS MESSAGE TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW THAT CAN - I am not a programmer - I wish I could invent it myself - but it would take too long, and 10 or more babies are dying every night in America from SIDS; 3500 infant DEATHS each Year from SIDS in the USA alone ... I want to create this durable but not constrictive designed i-BABBLES Swaddling Cloth with wristlet and anklet ' i-Babbles-Wrap ' that can be easily programmed - and made in the USA.... It's wireless and/or battery operated - the Primary Caregiver would then 'add a new device' to your network as an add-on application - Keep it Simple, Sugar..... KISS *** Primary caregivers also need to know how to Properly BURP a baby - you start at the tailbone, and work your way UP; in a gentle, yet loving gesture, do not rush through this burping process or you will increase the baby's chance of being 'colicky' which is another word for: "We doctors don't know why your baby is crying, but we think we can give you this medication to the baby which may or may not kill them..". You can, after the burping is finished, keep the baby in your arms and hold them with your dominant hand and turn them around so that if you sat down they would be almost in your lap, okay - use the other hand for a more secure yet firm grip under their butt - and then just do a slight up and down mellow rocking motion - with your body joining in (if you're standing) - like you're a rocking chair for your baby.... use very slow movements, slow and relaxed breathing through the nose, and exhale slowly and calmly through the mouth; think serene thoughts. I know - easier said than done. You brought this innocent being into this world, so - TAKE CARE OF THEM - they are pure innocence - and they ASKED for YOU specifically just as you asked for them to be your baby. Why have humans FORGOTTEN Eye-Gazing? Maternal/Infant Eye-Gazing which was used for 1000's of years? Where did that go? We are All given blessings and gifts from God - and the whole of US - as a Divine Essence and a Human genetic heritage combined - WE need to move faster to save the weakest in our world - to comfort them when they need us - Where better to start than our infants?? Love to All and Peace OUT, Susa Esther Jordan
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