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A Woman's Looks (Jones 1600 i
This is maybe the only recording of this you will find. This is the 1st song in the 1st Booke of Robert Jones and but for this recording I don't know of any other recording of this song.
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Anon. / Robert Jones
Patrick T. Connolly
May 19, 2020
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Story behind the song
I guess for students of Robert Jones it would be nice to start with the 1st song in the 1st Booke. This has not been easy for me. My early 2002 recording went OK as far as the 1st Stanza, as most of my recordings do. It was not until 2006 that I sang the 2nd stanza along with Mr. Harald Lillmeyer midi file. I am sorry Harald one can do a lot better with your wonderful midi files than what I have done here. For the 3rd stanza I reached back to my slow cassette recording from 1987. This is just me singing to guitar in Canada. Thus this recording is 19 years and 3 countries in the making. 1987 - 2006 1st Stanza Funabashi City, Japan Guitar January 4, 2002 keyboard January 4, 2002 main vocal March 28, 2002 2nd Stanza - August 31,2006 - Sang in Urayasu City & with a midi file made in Germany by Harald Lillmeyer. you can do a lot better with Harald's midi files 3rd Stanza Ottawa, Ontario, Canada October 5, 1987 - me singing to guitar
I. A WOMAN'S LOOKS A woman's looks Are barbed hooks, That catch by art The strongest heart, When yet they spend no breath, But let them speak, And sighing break Forth into tears, Their words are spears That wound our souls to death. The rarest wit Is made forget, And like a child Is oft beguiled, With Love's sweet seeming bait: Love with his rod So like a god Commands the mind We cannot find. Fair shows hide foul deceit. Time, that all things In order brings, Hath taught me now To be more slow, In giving faith to speech: Since women's words No truth affords, And when they kiss They think by this Us men to over reach.
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