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Blues - Jump Blues
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Copyright 2001 - JESUS OLDMAN
July 04, 2020
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LEAVE IT TO THE HEART Look at me now It's true I hardly know me That's okay I hardly know you Don't have a cow On second thought you ought to It kind of looks real good on you All my life you upset my apple cart Ooh-wah-ooh And I really wonder why When I leave it to the heart Without consulting what I think You know you lead me to the brink Oh Wah Oh You said goodbye Made me fall right over Don't worry I fell over you Go bake a pie Four and twenty blackbirds Singing Black Hawk Down to you All my life I've been stung my Cupid's dart Ooh wah ooh And I really wonder why When I leave it to the heart I always learn a thing or two She really loves me more than you But I'll give you credit where it is due You gave me something to live and die for too And any dream I used to have I hide away It's best off left off for the sequel part I'll raise a glass and toast The day you ran away 'Cause then I have to leave it to the heart We're apart Still, it's art -Guitar solo- She's the girl who beat you at your own game Serves you true We'll be singing in the rain If that's all that's left for us That'll do In the end you're alone When they find out that it's all about you Stay away from my phone 'Cause my wife and I don't want to talk to you Oh Leave it to the heart you ran through Oh Leave it to the heart you ran through... Copyright 2001 - JESUS OLDMAN
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