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Just Because She Can
Simple arrangement. Dave did the cross-over lead on an acoustic and I played some sonic games with it to help bring out some of the round jazz tones.
Rock - Rock General
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Lyrics and Music Jeffrey A. Kratzman
Copyright 2020
July 26, 2020
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3:59 minutes
Story behind the song
Sometimes it feels like your trying to hold a relationship together and the other party - Maybe not so much... This song is about a girl that plays the game of love, just because she can get away with it... for now. Dave played the lead on Ovation Acoustic.
Something you dont want to face You deny whats plainly obvious Shes not as faithful as youd like to think And everybody knows its true She playing you for a fool Ever since love began Taking Love and messin around Just because she can Some women know how to play the game So well that you cant even perceive Each every moment is carefully planned Aint nothing ever left to chance *Bridge Im not saying youre a bad lover But theres more here than meets the eye Your body keeps telling me one thing But all I feel is lies Break Does it make you feel desirable? Does it put you in control? Did you learn it to help you to cope? Is there something You want me to know? I dont have time for this childishness If thats your thing, that pack your things My heart is not your pull toy I didnt give my heart to be destroyed
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