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Pop - Christmas/Seasonal
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(c)1998 Kvinnesongs (BMI) contact: kaylandr@yahoo.
July 28, 2020
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Story behind the song
Words: Richard Pirone & Robert Kvinnesland Music: Robert Kvinnesland
[verse 1] There's a halo 'round the moon On this night of Christmas Eve, In the still glow, a church bell's echo Gives a solemn heart a moments pause to grieve [bridge 1] Years of regret and forgetting dear moments, Chasing careers and distant blue skies, Pain in the knowing that Ive been growing Too soon old, and too late wise. [chorus] How I wish on this night before Christmas All those heartaches seemed distant and few, There'd be nothing to hide, nothing held inside, Every word between us true. If a heart dared to hope in forgiveness, And for a chance at starting anew, Every day could be like Christmas, And I would spend every Christmas with you. [verse 2] Crystal starlight from above, On two angels in the snow, The interlude of some playful couple, Like the ones that you and I made long ago. [bridge 2] What would it take to recapture those moments, Those feelings our dreams and hopes were made of? What can I do in the time I have left to Rekindle joy and regain your love?. [chorus] every Christmas with you. every Christmas with you.