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Take This Heart
(c) 2019 Kvinnesongs (BMI) contact: kaylandr@yahoo.com
Pop - Adult Contemporary
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(c) 2019 Kvinnesongs (BMI) contact: kaylandr@yahoo
July 28, 2020
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Story behind the song
Words: Richard Pirone & Robert Kvinnesland Music: Robert Kvinnesland
Take This Heart (Kvinnesland/Pirone) 2019 Kvinnesongs (BMI) (verse 1) I remember you as standing tall, How it hurts to see you falling All this sorrow makes no sense at all, I can't stand to see you crawl (build 1) I won't let you hurt for one more day Let's just say, I've found my calling (chorus) Take this heart, You'll find it true, Take this heart, It's here for you Make this heart As if your own, Wake this heart, You're not alone, so If your heart has taken all that it can take If it's been broken more than any heart should break, Don't fall apart Take this heart. (verse 2) To the world what's one more hurting soul? A distant sound of some bell tolling, So many things in life beyond control, How can anyone be whole? (build 2) Let me give you what you're longing for, And something more Beyond consoling (chorus) (bridge) And know That I've always loved you, Even though I held back to let you Try and find your way Still I kept hoping for the day When I could finally say What I longed to tell you: (final modified chorus modulate a half-step) Take this heart, It's here for you, Take this heart, For my sake too When this heart Becomes your own, Then this heart Will bring you home, so (finale) Take my hand and let me stand beside you, Cause you've taken all the heartache you should take, Let the healing of my love take hold inside you On a broken heart that nevermore shall break! Let the clouds depart Here's a brand new start Take this heart Take this heart.