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I Want
This song talks about what 804.Exotic wants in his future, money, power, clout, etc.
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HipHop - Hip Hop General
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Tj Edwards
Street Records
July 30, 2020
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I Want that I want this They gonna feel me on this one , know what Im sayin? Look [Verse] I want Money , Power, Clout and more I want the opportunity to see shit and go on tour I want a nice little shawty I can show my dukes I wanna take that same shawty out and buy her some shoes I wanna take that same shawty out to the jewelry store I want a big ass chain like diamonds galore I want that shit to shine bright so I can flex some more I want them niggas who doubted to go and doubt some more I want my opps go ahead and try and snatch my chain I wanna beat a nigga ass and let off this steam I wanna be up at 12 and see some high ass streams I want to realize that Im really living the dream [Hook] I Want That , I want this x8 [Verse] Let a fuck nigga change up I wont give a fuck I got 50 niggas and they let that shit bust Its that green shit we countin and we aint gon stop Ima real young nigga and ima let it rock They told me I had talent but I aint listen for shit I aint believe In shit lil nigga now Im doing dis shit But Im committed, 100, now Im doin dis shit Dey finna see me as the same nigga from the year book and shit Let a fuck nigga change [Hook] I Want That , I want this x8