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deep in his mind
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HipHop - Hip Hop General
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Tj Edwards
Street Records
July 30, 2020
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Deep In his mind He feel everything different he traumatized Pills in his body he finna cry Breakdown grab the trigger he ready to shoot but why? He can't grab the trigger he ready to die He scared of his last breath Whats finna happen when it comes to the last breath Will he go to heaven or hell he dont even know yet Fuck that He takin pills hoping he suicides He really wanna die but he dont even know why Soul traumatized inside Feelin so much pain Can't you see he wanna blow out his brains Stress on top of stress Wondering what's coming next 20 year old nigga wanna apartment and a check Verbally broken down, wondering what's coming next Wondering whats gonna happen when he get a big check Oh wait It already happened, 300k in the bank All the snake niggas came and they wanted to play Nice cameo that he drivin and the money they take Then it all went away where the friends go and shit Where the friends go and shit Where the money go nigga yea you wondering it Where the money go mane Up on the phone with his nigga Tellin him he wanna blow his brains out His friend tellin him calm down lil nigga You gotta get the money, Grind, and make the moves now Makin him think, makin him realize Angels , demons in his life Cut off, part ties now he gettin money, finna drive Get a nice lil apartment and he stack it to the sky fosho Deep in his mind He a different type of person, He different, he want the money He want that money bad cause he tired of being bummy He wanna flex on niggas who left him out there just starvin Deep in his mind He still stressed the fuck out he wonderin what he finna do Whats the next move? What the fuck this nigga finna do? How he finna get that money, pay rent and shit you know
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