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VECT - Dark Laughs (Prod. Noah 40 Shebib, C.Papi &
HipHop - Hardcore Rap
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Lyrics: VECT, Instrumental: Noah 40 Shebib, C.Papi
VECT 2020
August 07, 2020
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03. Dark Laughs (Chorus) Dark laughs inside, even if I'm acting fine when the lyrics flow, they get satirical put your shit to sleep I got the bed made clean incoherently, when my humor screams get your eyes up off me or you'll learn what ya staring at turn my head at you slow like an owl just glaring back you become a problem like junk mail I tear in half tired of putting you fucks in my trunk so spare me man I'm always hearing bullshit as it rambles on it brings a whole new meaning to the city of Babylon the stench of fake immerses them I dis til they dissipate gotta make an omelet crack your dome then I split your brain mix the eggs then right before I serve you bitch I flip your plate jump up on the table & kick you in the face go upside your head like a wig watch me wig out eat you like a Snickers bar watch me pig out clown you like Tosh, drop you like bras & for every lie ya tell me I cut a finger off (mhmm, mhmm) you said "VECT c'mon man cut me some slack" fuck that, only slack I'm cutting is fat off your back, BEITCH! (Chorus) we don't need to go into my past so don't ask you don't have the password just have things backwards I go into a blood lust nearly every hunter's moon I don't play like video games so meet your fuckin' doom zip your mouth up then break the zipper off put some cracks in your head with a bigger rock there's nothing on this like no witness no motive like father son holy spirit that hokus pokus I'm from the arcane like my name but much bigger body parts everywhere but had fun with ya & here ya are thinking I've gone too far but I'm a black moon & red sky watch me shoot stars heavy shells in my hand like I'm playing in the sand sit back like Mr. Burns excellent, my bloody hands I'm roasting & burning ya like you're covered in gas through the duct tape scream full blast then I light the match (Chorus) I'm singing with myself like a duet with Tourettes fuck Parker Brothers I'm playing Russian Roulette yeah you claim you hear me but yo listen here this isn't a restroom don't be bringing your shit here if I look exhausted it's 'cause I'm tired of bullshit I break down like a metal song & swing like a bull hits got no time for you like broken clocks for petty rivalry but if you wanna come see what your homicide will be issue buried away so I forget the name because shit get deep when shit get grave bullets dipped in cyanide call it lead poisoning eyyy so lemme know where you & your boys'll be everyone gets freaked whenever I speak let the wolf feast on timid weak sheep go hard in this bitch leaving scars in this bitch make blood appear & drip after all I'm a prick (Empty Emcees) ...A commodity...carbon copy...so sloppy. & you're thinking you're some exclusion from this. You make me cringe...so I turn you to ash... (Chorus) Don't let me catch a MC call their selves that then show they're empty fuck the name from where ya came your fame & your face you aint the big picture so get out of the frame r-a-p now means Retards At Poetry Hip-hop got destroyed like the Titanic so it's going deep call me a hater because you're annoying me? learn much more words ya stupid turd, you're absurd & a blur I think you embarrassed yourself long enough take yourself to a very high cliff & have a nice jump you don't respect this music you treat it like a parley if that's the way you want it you're gonna learn the hard way you need to be showing thanks for those who paved the way instead of just throwing lame comments like a waste of space ha, you so wack mane with your crap name you're a crap stain little dignity too needy less than half brained you want attention I'll put a tension on your throat while you're mumbling gross beat you with your chain on the stage of your show no originality you're a rip-off artist with your hubris play target then get buried under garbage