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Don't Let That Be-Bop (instrumental)
A Vancouver song from my Booke, Put Your Bum To Work. Looking at "Don't let that Be-Bop" in Vancouver I thought it Jazzy and put jazz chords in it.
Jazz - Bebop
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Patrick T. Connolly
Patrick T. Connolly
September 01, 2020
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Story behind the song
I took it to Kitselano's Jericho Beach and through the day had little luck rewriting the mundane, nonsensical lyrics - finally I thought 'what a wonderful place it was' and so l put the place to the song. I thought of how a few weeks before l said Hi to a girl on the beach and she replied. Later, as l was leaving I happened on the same girl going home also - she asked me if l was married-so I asked her to marry me and she said "yes" - I gave her my # and told her to arrange it next weekend. I haven't heard from her Since. - Her name Was Shiho - an 18 year old Osakan.
No I don't think you should It'd be no good So don't let that be-bop don't let that be-bop Back to Japan don't go Oh don't leave me my Shiho, Lonely on this side of the sea. I don't think you should leave the sands of Jericho beach. If where we stood was on the opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean, we couldn't reach a rhythm that's any good or any kind of harmony. I really want you, I'll do it for you, I wish I had food. I wish I had you. CHORUS Guarded by the lion mountains, - peaceful waters allow sloops to sail. Don't leave Vancouver with the tide. Stay in Canada. stop the storm - that would build over this ocean with you on the other side. Return to Osaka? Don't go! Don't vanquish tranquillity from my mind?