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Jesus Bought My Ticket
Single - $0.99
Pop - Contemporary Christian
angela dittmar
September 24, 2020
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Jesus Bought My Ticket Verse 1 I tried to buy a ticket to enter through the gate I heard its really nice there just a perfect place But I can never do enough to earn my way in Plus theres a rule that I cant have even a little sin Verse 2 So I thought its just impossible for sinners just like me To ever see those pearly gates and hear the angels sing Still God knows theres been no one whos lived a perfect life The good news is that heaven is a gift from Jesus Christ CHORUS Jesus bought my ticket Jesus paid the price Paid for it with his blood My way to paradise Jesus bought my ticket Hes the only one who could I know I dont deserve it But Im so glad Im so glad Im so glad He would Verse 3 Some people try to fool themselves and claim theyve never sinned While others who have sinned so much have thrown the towel in Be rest assured that all have sinned and hide some skeletons And there is hope for everyone if they would just listen BRIDGE God so loved the world that He sent His only Son Whoever believes in Him will have their sins pardoned Jesus died for me heaven waits beyond the grave Forgiven now and born again I sing about His grace CHORUS CCLI# 7161839 2020 angela dittmar Angel Flower Music LLC angelflowermusic.com