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VECT - Pain Is A Destiny
HipHop - Hardcore Rap
VECT 2011
September 24, 2020
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320 kbps bitrate
3:15 minutes
Story behind the song
Knowing pain better with endurance.
(Chorus) fuck everyone accusing me of sending bad energy don't put that on me when you're who sent it to me pain is a destiny, a dear friend & an arch enemy some of you might question my path of self destruction but when I reach my end of nothing left then fuck it pain is a destiny, it is what will be the death of me I wanna thank my factors like anxiety, depression, loneliness abandonment & lies to me they were the seeds that made me truly see & brought out the beautiful darkness inside of me I used to believe in what children call "God" you think it's my disbelief for this pain I feel absolutely not I'm a realist I don't believe in fraud or Jesus Psych darkness is where the truth resides unlike the light & if had to resign & leave my life behind I'd take my life on a stage cuz for musick I would die till then I'm condemned to hurt all I got is acceptance so fuck regretting it's exactly like repentance I walk the left path it's realer than the right I got this wicked shit till I close my eyes for the last time the only thing I'm guaranteed to have my entire life is musick in my eyes, my ears, my soul, heart & mind (Chorus) I been fighting suicide many years strong if there is a hell & this ain't it best believe there I'll see you all pain is a destiny I'm embracing it more every day my mind is scattered still it shatters slowly losing what matters I gotta ride it out till life is finished & that's my curse born to lose in this brutal shit toilet earth in the end you have no one but your goddamn self like a condemning spell you only got your health & your own help demons are completely misunderstood & defamed there's also good within evil but think what you may I've embraced the pain when I lost fights against it now I'm stronger than before it was so apprehensive regardless of my efforts I get stuck with the same result that's why I swore off relationships to decrease the hell I know pain like it's my name they're 1 in the same call it a jinx call it karma call it god call it fate