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Raba Raba
A beautiful Afrobeats sound with great lyrics to celebrate personal hustles and the success that comes with it. Perfect for parties, events and clubs
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Victor Enyojo Agi
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September 28, 2020
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Story behind the song
Raba Raba is all about money; the ends of all hustles. I was in the studio creating beats and a question struck me. Why I'm I doing all these? I realised that it's all because I want to make money and be successful. What is a talent to me if it can't pay the bills or put the food on the table. Well, as my favorite line in the song goes, 'I do dirty job but I'm making clean money', so is my story in the music industry.
RABA RABA (MONEY) Every night you sleep I'm ma hustling And every day you wake I'm still working So even though I'm looking so fresh and clean I do dirty jobs but I'm making clean money See everywhere I go people know me See all of my friends they surround me Dem fine fine girls dem no let me be Dem no gree me dem dey rush me Raba raba money Raba raba money Everybody raba money yeah Baby come and raba money 2X All the bad bad years are behind me Only better days are before me So even when I fall I still rise again I'm not giving up till I win this race See people go to church cos of money yeah People go to school cos of money Me I start to sing cos of money Cos of money I dey speak in tongues Raba raba raba Robo robo robo Raba raba raba Sotorobo robo robo