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Love Pain Trust
A project a made for school. Hope you like!
HipHop - Bass Rap
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Layne Boman
Ratchet Radio Productions
September 28, 2020
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Love. Pain. Trust. In vain I know to place to escape yo brain Too many tests got me going insane A really long course was it all in vain? It seems unsettled so i gotta slow down I just moved here, really new to this town Its gonna be okay laynes going through rounds Round my family up when i make some sounds I love making music it makes my head clear u right now I love producing beats it makes my mind go right round Coming home after a long day, i flip my open Making little sounds on my laptop come and quote this Its important to me that i release my stress After a long day of studying for a test I know im not the best, but im getting better yes Finally a little place where i dont have to guess I learned it from my cousins, i know i still love em They showed me how to make it, one day to create it I use the same tricks on the lap to be famous I like your music gonna put it on my playlist I love making music as soon as i get home It aligns with social work, no one's alone if we differ, we can still get along If you dont like there is a different typa song Its hard to make it, cant we get along Im sure everyone has a different type a taste Play the music that you love there aint no time to wastee Just dont go around shoving ur beliefs in their face I value my school when ther's people coming round I still feel left out when im in a large crowd It's important to me that i finish my work One little day it will be worth all the hurt When i was a kid my heart was colder I practice my work every single day i can Even when i know its not part of the plan IT seems School work is social works core You gotta write essays and read even more I know a lot of people dont like school work But its okay we gonna make this work I value my job as it lets me be indie Even during storms when the weather is windy I met this white girl oh her name was cindy I know this aint checkers, but please come and king me Getting a job at a young age pays, I wish i knew that when i was laze I gotta wake up everyday to get paid, like a paycheque i dont wanna fade These values align with the social work prinicple, people come first your not admissible. Im gonna talk lots like i am the prinicpal, if u dont like work Then im still into you. I plan to work with people from all different ages I plan to make it work for all different stages I cant wait to put my clients in some pages I knew it would be true, one day to be famous I never actually thought id be here now Putting my name in and making rounds The only thing i can do is pound I like to make music with different sounds