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Bass clarinet, electric bass, percussion, vibraphone, flutes. Original composition. (Cadenza)
Classical - Chamber Music
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October 25, 2020
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1:57 minutes
Story behind the song
I am very fond of the sound of the bass clarinet. I taught myself the flute after college. This tune with a slow Latin beat reminds me of the east side of Washington Ave between Tremont Ave and 178th street in the Bronx where I walked hundreds of times on the way home or to hang out. The biggest structure was the back of St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church which was the social hall. I went to a dance there once. Before the dance started the national anthem of Puerto Rico was played and everyone sang as if it were the last day on earth. Also on the block was Mario's candy store where the Dukes gang hung out. Great egg creams. And an Italian barber shop (Sal's?) where I went. Sal had autographed 8x10 glossies of local doo-wop groups. I distinctly remember The Regents who recorded Barbara Ann which was later covered by The Beach Boys.