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The Last Daze
The last days are confusing Kind of leave you in a daze.
Blues - Acoustic Blues
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W. Cameron Bastedo
W. Cameron Bastedo
October 28, 2020
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Story behind the song
I was thinking...these things happen.
First light this morning, Couldn't clear my head. My mind took warning, From the things you said. And it's like woe, I just get up: To stay in bed! Looked out my window, Is that really light? The sun's like sackcloth, And it's dark as night. And it's like woe, The sun got up, To say goodnight. Are these the days of Noah? No one knows what's right! Are this the haze of last daze, When we're left with only night? And no true light? Consult your horoscope; Triangulate your stars. There's a dot there in the corner, That shows you where you are. And it's like oh, woe, You know you're nowhere at all. There's hand that has a hole in it, That says you're greatly loved. There's a heart that has your name one it, Seated up above. And it's like oh, woe, Don't you know you're greatly loved.