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The Left Hand Canyon Killer
Rock - Rock General
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Patch Eye
October 30, 2020
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Any of you guys have one of those friends whos an instigator? You know the kind: Always makin shit happen. Ive got a friend like that. Her names Colleen. She came over the other day and She said Lets get outta town! A ride in the mountains sure sounds good to me Sauna sweatin, 8 ball shootin Mountain shadows and pleasant company Gold Hill, in the evenin, shinin A Lovely night for a murder mystery Leanin on the porch rail Rumors of a busted jail-bird man Two folks killed just down the road Climb the hill, now, and make another plan Porch swing rockin, window peepin Leather creakin, cocktail in your hand Stars above and bars below Nerves of steel are rustin, bout to break Road blocks on the back streets Pools of darkness, hands begin to shake When you see it all through a killers eyes All the people you despise Slippin on your new disguise and Rollin down that Left Hand Canyon trail It leads straight to Hell Now, if you were a killer runnin from the law and lookin for a place to hide out for a day or two, a nice dark cabin on a hillside above a small mountain town might just be the perfect spot, dont ya think? And here we are: Drinkin Myers and Cokes while sittin on the porch swing of just such a place, and it kind of makes you think if only for a minute that you could be an extra in a slasher flick. You know: the guy who goes off alone to get another can of Coke. Or, maybe shes the extra and she gets slashed when you go off to get the other can of Coke. It makes ya think Show down in a parking lot Flowin blood and bullets paint the scene They say hes been taken down One less scum-bag killer runnin free An open road for us to ride Lady Luck was on our side, it seems Early mornin, homeward bound Still alive and a little bit wiser Four folks laid out on a slab Two more: on the mend but scarred for life And at the door we kissed goodnight I know well never forget the night of The Left Hand Canyon killer Ah yeah, the Left Hand Canyon killer Michael Bell The Left Hand Canyon killer You can go straight to Hell The Left Hand Canyon killer