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Day Dream Cowboy
Rock - Rock General
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Patch Eye
October 30, 2020
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Walkin down the back streets Holdin your hand Puffin on a fat spliff Jammin with the band Sittin on the corner Watchin people passin by You looked at me and smiled Made me feel just like a child And I swear I just got somethin in my eye It was the sun, shinin down On a perfect summer day Im sittin on a roan Shes right beside me on a bay Crest the top of the mesa Gonna camp down for the night We only brought one sleeping bag? Oh, baby, thats a drag I guess we gotta find a way to make it alright Yeah baby Im a Day dream cowboy Ridin ranges in my mind Just a pine tree plow-boy Gotta leave this all behind Cross-country packin Makin cash outta crude Six string hackin and junk food snackin Think its time I gotta get a little rude Well that was pretty rude! I got a brand new Indian Chief And a First Run Scout When I take em to the highway Really wind those motors out Blue and red aflashin Wanna pull me to the side But my license is suspended And the road is open-ended Boy you better be ready for a wild-assed ride Oh baby Im a Day dream playboy Runnin rampant in my mind Just a dishwashin slave-boy Gotta leave this all behind Cross-country packin Gonna tell you all good-bye Six string hacking and star-suite shackin Think its time I got a little high Pack it in, pack it in Pack it up, pack it out Daydream cowboy Them weeds aint gonna pull themselves, boy (Im a daydream playboy) Get back down on your knees! (Daydream playboy) You wanna keep this job or not? (Daydream playboy) Get those dishes washed! Daydream cowboy