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You Know Who You Are
Rock - Rock General
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Captain Caveman/Dan (Yes, that Dan)
November 12, 2020
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Story behind the song
The main part of this was written by my brother C. Caveman back in the late 1970s about a certain ex-girlfriend, and was titled "Fuck You!" (I contributed the Mickey, Mike, Max Mark, Marty, and Melvin part to it way back when). The bridge - "You bitch, you whore" etc. was written by Dan. The one she went runnin' on back to. That Dan. He wrote it about someone else, but I thought it fit with the main theme of this one, so I merged 'em into one.
Well I've taken your shit About as long as I can I know you're out there, baby Messin' 'round with every other guy in town Let me tell ya, baby, that shit ain't cool I don't take that kinda shit off no woman, baby Uh-uh honey, fuck you Now when you told me that you loved me You made me a happy man Then ya smoked my stash, drank my booze, wrecked my car Went runnin' right on back to Dan Now you ask me how I feel, mama Let me tell ya, baby, I feel used You ain't usin' this boy no more, baby Uh-uh honey, fuck you You bitch, you whore You sleazy, slimy slut Green matter lies between your thighs And maggots crawl out your butt Now, before I'd lie between your thighs Or suck on your festered tits I'd guzzle a bucket of buzzard puke And die of the drizzlin' shits Well you're good in bed And you give good head But you're givin' it to Jim, John, Jack, Jeff Ralph, Harry, and Fred, yeah Mickey, Mike, Max, Mark, Marty Melvin too (No way! Melvin too? Huh! Who knew?) Ah, ya better face it, baby All my friends've fucked you Well, now I'm tellin' all you guys Just so's ya know Ya ain't gotta b'lieve me Just because I say it's so But that girl's a slut, man No, really, she's a little bitch She's gonna break your heart 'n leave ya blue So ya better go out and fuck her, boys Before she comes and fucks you (A fate worse than death)