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The Great Sun Jester
Rock - Rock General
E. Bloom/M. Moorcock/J. Trivers
November 14, 2020
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They have killed the Great Sun Jester Who danced between the stars They have stripped him of his manhood Signs of Venus and of Mars The cynics left him weepin' And the jackals left him torn And the Jester reaches out blind hands He can touch the stars no more Chorus* Now he took the stars in his hands And as he scattered them he'd shout "I'm the Joker of the Universe I'm what it's all about!" Now he's dyin' is his grief And the hard men drag him down They have killed the wiled eyed Jester They have killed the Fire Clown Now his blind eyes seek the starlight And his fingers seek controls To take him into space again Where he was, both young and old The dancer's stiff with pain They've made him kneel too long And the madness they have driven out They have left him cold and sick Repeat Chorus* He'll never sing his songs again He'll never dance between the stars again He'll never laugh again No, he'll never, ever laugh again Whoa no, he'll never laugh again