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Unifrom Objections
Keith Cook - guitar, bass, drums, vocals Leon Russell - lyrics
Single - $0.75
Album - $4.00
Rock - Hard Rock
Charts #44 in subgenre today (peak #4)
Previous peak charts position #36
Keith Cook , Leon Russell
November 15, 2020
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Story behind the song
Awhile back I ended up with Leon Russell's drum machine. I wrote 20 songs around everything left on it and there were 9 that he arranged which are denoted by the number he saved them on the machine as being included in the title, for example (Song 01). I also included alternate versions of those 9 songs as instrumentals.
The false sciences of economics and politics People dont trust their own judgment of what somethings worth Think they need an outside arbitrator, who fixes the value which is what the dollars actually are money just buys time Its poor communication Capitalism itself in itself is a bit of a rip-off, as far as Im concerned The people who want to be leaders are the less qualified the people who are the best wont mess with it So we always get the 2nd best you wont find me playing for any peace candidates or any candidates Its not just the networks; its a lot of corporations. But its strictly an economic colonization of America, a vast dumping ground of products, the backyard of the world. So 4000 people are killed, what the hell? You sell a lot of planes and bombs, and for a religious cause, which people are prone to accept the logic of the situation demands a different line of thought but religiously, with God on our side, they dont feel bad about $657,534,246 million a day toward the war. Because its protecting territorial boundaries, or its protecting some sort of religious vagueness. So they allow it to go on. but what are you going to do Im no politician going to change it in our out of the system Im just going to sing my songs, because thats what I do