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At track which also features my friend Fraser McMillan on lead guitar. The track will be on the "Tower of Blue Horses" due for February 1st 2021.
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John Knox
John Knox 2020.
January 02, 2021
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Story behind the song
Originally written as part of a sequence of songs about the end of a series of snowstorms in the UK IN 2018. but in the light of the Covid pandemic, the song also seems to resonate.
A Break in the Cloud (Life Goes On) a break in the cloud get back on the track wherever youve been youll find your own way back your old life awaits you is it really the same? life goes on in myriad places all over the world outside your door life goes on through so many stages you better get ready to live it some more if sometimes youre feeling down and you dont know why sometimes you know the reason why you wanna cry but youre taking it in your stride one step at a time youre gonna be fine, fine, fine its fine, fine, fine there is a freshness in the air like starting all over again birds are singing like they never sang before bringing new life to the everyday score