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Check out YSG-Timothy's first single from his solo debut "A Black Guy Named Tim" - AVAILABLE NOW!!!
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Lyrics: YSG-Timothy / Music: Kid Sundance
September 20, 2004
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Story behind the song
Heart-felt lyricims over a melodic Sundance track. First single from my debut album entitled "A Black Guy Named Tim" - AVAILABLE NOW!!
"Rap is all right with me/ yo, I like to see/ when shorties write about the way they want their lives to be./ If I could, I'd give 'em all a pair of Nikes for free,/ drop a compilation - they could rock the mic wit' me./ School 'em on their history so they can see where we're headed / as we develop and discover different talents and let it be known that/ we 'gone rap - to the rhythm within/ as a petition to commission music makers and men/ of all races, both coasts, from the West to the East/ unified, showin' love, we're residin' in peace/ rebukin' the Beast, buildin toward a better today/ because tomorrow wasn't promised, so I figured I'd say/ what's on my heart right now before I close my eyes/ to see eternity - eternally my flows arise/ (and) as my foes realize that I'm dead and I'm gone/ may they forever hear my heart through the words of this song, 'cause its... (Chorus x2) A lot of rap that I 'den heard is kinda foul, but/ now it's the norm, I've been hearin' it for a while but,/ I like to hear the jams that make people smile but,/ who am I to tell ol' boy to change his style up?/ See I don't know where he from, what he into/ what he then done, I don't know what he then been through./ But I can see the future y'all and it's up to us/ to change the game and not let it get the best of us./ Lettin' the industry determine what we think and say?/ As we suddenly awaken to a darker day./ We said we "Did it for the Love", but it was for the money/ or was it for "The love of money?" - Money had it comin'./ Two in the head, 'cause the song said, "Any men/ who pose a threat, you should never let 'em breath again,/ but you can bet, soon enough, murder's gonna find you,/ You cain't see Death around the Corner, 'cause it's right behind you/ - Look out! (Chorus x2) I asked God "What is life?", 'cause I often wonder/ why do some get to live and others, taken under?/ and why did Brenda get molested by her older cousin?/ Why Ms. Jackson daughter got a son, but not a husband?/ And why do many people say that they believe in you?/ But their way of life show that they ain't receivin' you./ I'm seein' through a lot of things as I'm growin' older/ only to see my ignorance is strong enough to hold a,/ blind-fold for my soul, hidin' what You're plannin',/ So I'm askin' you for wisdom and for understandin'./ Help me to be the man that you created me to be./ Help me to hold the standard high so that the World can see,/ Ya' Light shine and illuminate the Way to freedom,/ devise a plan to let the overlooked know that we need 'em/ feedin' the hungry and findin' the Lost,/ makin' the most of what we have, headed back to the Cross/ 'cause it's: Chorus x4
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