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Steel Butterflies
It's a song, with music in it and like some of that singing stuff. Pretty revolutionary, I mean singing AND MUSIC? Talk about kah-razy!
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Electronic - Industrial
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Chad Nelson
November 20, 2004
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Story behind the song
Sometimes I write poetry, sometimes I write music, this is what happens when I mix them together.
Fire explosion a lesion of bleeding skin torn away within Past and stretched over a frame work of lies Which choke and gasp with holes punctured through Inside the fire burns and scars what used to be so pretty So pretty whatever that means hatred for the beautiful cool kids Dance swaying disease infested whores and sluts dancing like a thousand fleas Sucking or a parasite biting Inside we're the same as each other so special so ordinary so what Lined up and staring through my eyes or yours the same thing repeated A cycle the fire the screaming the emptiness that fills the empty glass And spills it like red milk from our mouths We dip and jump and play and fuck everything is now depressing point of view For all who gaze into the crystal palace ball with Cinderella teaching truth No one pays attention unless you're fucking perfect A glass a slipper a stupid dizzy whore a male rapist prince to feed our kids Just another dream to live and fail The fire cycle burning acrylic acid leaking out of wounds left over from a sore Perhaps a kiss from a cool kid like a lemon burnt on our skin We cry and wish we could resist temptation Desire herpes aids they spawn like rabbits biting ivory fangs latching onto our necks Leaving bruises as reminders of where we've been So long so long and thanks for all the fun we say and dance and fuck and play Oh god now we ask for help broken and tired we scream For patience for something to kill the time the pain inside Like fire yes we know we brought it on ourselves We loved to risk it all beneath the moon hanging low in the sky We die eventually take a chance right why not just this time and now we burn But not before we get our kicks us kids playing like grown ups In the grassy fields paved over with concrete and building steel butterflies