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Beauty and the Baud (2600)
don't know, I made this f***er years ago... I was probably watching the movie Hackers too much since that flick is hilarious and decided to make this since the techno in there was too slow for me.
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Electronic - Industrial
Previous peak charts position #468
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #25
Chad Nelson
November 20, 2004
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Story behind the song
If I type in a song description do I really need to tell the story of the song? Wait no ok, I'll make one up. Rumor has it that ye olde song began back in 1623 when feudal lords on europe commisioned Sir William Flagstaff to complete of symposium of aural pleasure. Sir William Flagstaff however was a goat milker and had no idea how to do this. Years and years passed with every generation being passed down the dubious task of having to write some bullshit song for a couple of loser european overlords. Eventually a distand cousin of Sir William Flagstaff named Jackson "the pimp grommet" Nelsonmeyer moved to America in 1861. The rest is history!
It's an instrumental, no lyrics bitch.