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Tomorrow (Demo 2000)
2000 demo recorded in West New York before the band broke up. Fernando Gonzales is featured on bass guitar, and friends. Dray - keyboard Mendez - guitar Gonzales - bass
Instrumentals - Rock
Previous peak charts position #2,897
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #67
The Free Agents (gonzales/gonzalez/mendez/dray)
December 18, 2004
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Story behind the song
It was written in 63rd st broadway in West New York New Jersey. A young Fernando Gonzales (13 years old) picks up a bass and starts playing a few melodies, then other friends from the Catesismo pick up his melody and start jamming. It is possible that it was recorded sometime in November of 2000, the last time Fernando would play bass as a member of The Free Agents.
it's an instrumental song, the lyrics were never done. Even though it was on discussion at the time, the band parted.