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Rock - Punk
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Chris (the Antimessiah)
2003, 2004 ICONICIDE
January 12, 2005
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Story behind the song
Typical ICONICIDE song, from when I still considered myself political. Anti industry, anti vivisection, anti religion, anti government. Good moshpart too - Oi! Oi!
They razed the forests to the ground The EPA didn't make a sound Tree spikers working for Earth First! But the atmosphere keeps getting worse Towering smokestacks - make them fall Another brick knocked from the wall CHORUS The System (THE SYSTEM) The System's on Fire But we don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn The System (THE SYSTEM) - It's on fire But we don't want no water, let it burn, Yo Science killing for humankind Tear out your brain and rob you blind Try to help them, begging, "Please! Mutilation can't cure disease!" But they won't listen to common sense Sabotage is the best defense CHORUS ... BURN ... Preachers pocket Wages of Sin Dig your own grave, throw yourself in One god or another, it's all the same They win, you lose; name of the game Smash each bloody holy cross ICONICIDE - No Fucking Loss CHORUS Abolish Terrorists of the State Eye for an Eye, Hate bred from Hate The Chains run deeper on both sides You've been programmed to run and hide And freedom is a costly lie Until I see the System die CHORUS ... Burn.. Burn.. Burn.. BURN.. LET IT BURN
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