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This Road I'm On
The Knapps Cutoff Band from 2004, with vocals by Ray Garcia.
Rock - Classic Rock
Previous peak charts position #71
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #12
Michael Duran
2004 Michael Duran
July 23, 2020
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5:05 minutes
Story behind the song
Looking back at the long and crazy road I've traveled. Kind of a tribute to all the players I've shared music with. Ray Garcia; vocals Steve Layman; piano & synth Michael Duran; guitar, composition & lyrics Steve Torok; drums Marty Nicklin; bass
I was barely a teen, when I set out on this road, scared & unsure, but you know that it hardly showed, the way that I hit life was head-on with no brakes, and it didn't take long, to sort out the fools & fakes. And I couldn't tell you what-the-hell I was looking for. And you couldn't tell me anything I hadn't heard before. And before I knew it ,twenty years, they had come and gone. And left me standing in the middle of this road I'm on ... this road I'm on. We were fearless to the end, with no thought of turning back. We were young & strong, of courage ... we had no lack. The world was ours to walk, no distance seemed too far. We stood & faced the wind, like the screaming of a loud guitar. Looking back at the path that I have run, I turned around to the dreams, I had left un-done. up there, ahead of me the distance is not far, I hear the music of my life, like the screamin' of a loud guitar.
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