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Licorice Tree
A fantasy world where you can go to enjoy existence...
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Hayley Jane
Hayley Nickerson 2004
April 05, 2005
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Story behind the song
This is a song for one of m best friends, the Bean Queen. She is a very sparkly, lovely person, and all the things we wrote to each other about last year needed there own song, as well as she. She's a great girl. I love her to glitter. This one's for you, Bean.
In the sight of faerie eyes, We look at the magenta skies, The sunset's just for us, Just you and me. Can you see the clouds so pink Here in our glass mosaic sink They rain down just for us Just you and me In our Licorice tree... CHORUS: It's all for us It's all just ours As we wear crowns of sparkling flowers, It's all for us For you and I We can ride away on fireflies. The candy droplets kiss our skin, In this lonely dream that we are in They touch only us Just you and me Can you see the glittering glade As we drink rainbow lemonade It glitters just for us Just you and me In our Licorice tree... CHORUS I show you this realm anew It was made just for me and you I made it just for us Just you and me I made our Licorice tree.
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