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In the Gloaming
Musical setting of an old piece of poetry. It's about a man and woman growing old together and relates this process to the seasons of the year.
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A Hope Thompson/Stuart Simpson
BerryBush Music
April 09, 2005
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Story behind the song
Lyrics were from an old Poem by 19th century poet A. Hope Thompson. I just wrote the tune, and played it. I don't know if A hope thompson was a man or a woman. Alexander? or Alice??
In the Gloaming Words: A Hope Thompson Music:StuartSimpson Remember, love, the days When all our months were Mays. Everything on Earth seemed clothed With beauty to our gaze. When yet the sun was high, And smiling in the sky, Ah!But now it’s sinking fast, In the gloaming. Your hair like auburn sheaves, On sunny harvest eves. Eyes kindly,sweetly tender, And brown as Autumn leaves. But now that hair is grey, As the morning mist in May Or the evening’s dreamy haze At the gloaming. But Thou art still my dear, And though like blossoms sear, We still may droop together, From weary year to year. The time must come at last, When, tears and sorrows past, Together we shall sleep, In the gloaming.
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