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The Ballad of Mike Egan
Another with The big Foondry Chorus! Kind of funny lyrics about a wedding..... Rooted in the tradition!
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Stuart Simpson
BerryBush Music
April 10, 2005
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Story behind the song
I had the lyric lying around for some time after getting it from Michael Egan. There was no tune, but the chorus suggested this one. The Bo'ness Ballads CD was a good opportunity. A Model was a Model lodging house, which was a Doss House, or men's hostel.
The Ballad Of Mike Egan Words and music Anon/Tradeetional CHORUS Away down in Bo’ness where they grow corn and wheat, They tell me they’re howkin for gold in the street. It’s not what I say, but what I’ve been told That it’s big Michael Egan who draws in the gold Tra la la Tra la lee How wid ye, How wid ye Like tae be me? Here comes Mike Egan, from old Donegal He’s dressed in his best Sunday clothes after all You can easily tell by the style of his dress, That he owns a fine Model in the town of Bo’ness CHORUS He married a widow called Mrs McGraw The smartest wee widow that ever ye saw. And when they got married, he never let dab, For the widow, she couldnae get intae the cab! CHORUS First we had coffee and then we had tea, Then we had porridge, atween twa and three, You can easily tell by the style of his dress That he owns a fine Model in the town of Bo’ness. CHORUS Oh the ship it left Culross with a cargo of fire, A cargo of lightning, and bottle cigars, The ship struck a match, and the cargo caught fire And we all walked ashore on the telephone wire. CHORUS
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