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Lyrics: YSG-Timothy / Music: Mark G.
April 11, 2005
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Story behind the song
"Was tired of mundane flows. Tried to add a little excitement to the game. Straight off the Writer's Block with this one. Hope y'all enjoy it". God Bless.
"Now who said rap was dead, well we' givin' it life/ you want a hit gimmie hour, pen, pad, and a mic/ plus a...beat that's tight/and I promise to right/a rhyme full of insight the party people will like/ "I'm Bad" like that, '87, keepin' it true/ if you don't like it that's on you-I know 50 who do/ for every...one that don't, what a rate of exchange/funny how folks who never knew me wanna say that I've changed?/Well I have, but, still, whatever-I'm more clever/I've grown since my first "mic check" my flow's better/I ain't makin' the same mistakes I know better/and my vehicle now runs in both "Hot" and "Cold" weather/Whether or not the Block show me love, I'm chill/I really wanna get the love from those who love what's real/So if you...diggin' the sound and you' feelin' the vibe?/ then through ya' hands in the air, let's get "Amplified" -yeah,yeah...
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