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I kickf***ed your mom's squeakhole
f***ing Horrible
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Stiff Dick
Toss Records, 2004
April 13, 2005
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Story behind the song
The Running With Scissors message board wrote this entire song
This is a song created by God Emo chicks give good head which is odd! I stay at home and I sob. Your mom's a big fat fucking slob. I just gave head to a corn cob, baby I just ate a babyyyyy, yeah Crucify that lady, yeah Goth kids think they tough but theys all bitches! lil' bowwow got raped and needed some stitches So we ate the puppy and threw a feast for witches! anyone up for a game, a game of cribbage? Popeye kicked ass after he ate his spinache. gonna cruise for hos in the town of greenwich. This song is like those books, where you pick the end. Dunno what that means, but whatever my friend. You've never read those books where you decide what the main character does? Choose your own adventure, and avoid the fucking fuzz I hit a Mex in the head with a shovel, if I did it drunk I'd have been in trouble! Googoogajoob Now listen up, don't be a homo We're crackin' nigga bitches like U2's Bono You're lookin for this songs intention? There is none, no need to mention Fasten your seatbelt crack-ho-bitch and break down to this crazy bridge Max Payne, mad gunplay, lotta' lotta' muthafuckin' you know, the game starts out, the nigga wife get killt, the baby get killt, you know this is a fucked up game, Max Payne, straight up and down, they wanna rate our albums and shit like that, but Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto is some foul shit, and the kids be playin' it, and Grand Theft Auto, you get head on there, that's a good game, and in Max Payne you can shoot up everybody, kill the police, that's also a good game! I raped and pillaged a whole village Just for some o' that sweet ol' pie. Oh yea. vagina, vagina rape kill destroy vagina, vagina rape kill employ The Care Police are coming, oh joy! I just made sweet anal love to a 12 year old boy I just did it with a little rubber toy. I just ejeculated on a stranger called Roy. yearg i'm a pirate, gonna rape and pillage Rape all the children in this village! beat all the niggers! beat whoever you see! dont need a reason, LAPD! LAPD! This is the greatest song ever. Stupid black people always pull the red lever. then the niggers get raped in prison forever
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