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A story of online relationships...of love and of loss. Music by KMP (Harout Kalandjian)www.soundclick.com/kmp
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2005 LisaT/Harout Kalandjian
2005 LisaT/Harout Kalandjian
April 19, 2005
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your words were my sanctuary... melting my screen your beautiful mind enslaved me with each crafted line and made love made poetic love to mine I cling to you through space and time our satelites cross different skies then one day the weather changed I crashed and I burned the words never came I frantically write your name these empty hours take my hope away can't reach through these walls can't breathe till I find you again the silence fell the silence fell like autumn rain Our satelites may drift and fail out of sight and out of range the silence fell the silence fell like autumn rain make your poetic love to me again our satelites may drift and fail the wire that bound me kept me sane
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