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The Path
Final Draft- Updated 06/07/05 9:18 am. I decided to shorten the name to just "The Path". The back up vocals have some distortion and the intro has some synth. The drums have changed...for the better.
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Joel Byrum
Joel Byrum -2005
May 26, 2005
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Story behind the song
Watch out for the other guy! Well, in this case "girl". I was going through some rough times with my ex-girlfriend. The memory of her constant infidelity along with my ignorance and lack of concern. A lot of the song is sarcastic. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I eventually learn to accept everything for the way it is and go on with my life. Discovering that life is a lesson that you learn during the span of one's own life experiences.
I can still taste the pain The memory still remains To live inside all this time And even though I never tried You never know I could have lied And acted like the whole thing never happened I take it back You were right It was all just in my head No doubt You believe I’m the one That sleeps beside you in the bed And when I kiss your lips I can feel it all melt away You can forget about all the bad things I said I never meant them anyway [chorus] I am but one man who Remains to walk alone To find the path that leads The path that leads to home Every time you speak my name I hope it hurts you just the same So that you can feel my pain The things I do the games I play It doesn’t matter what people say I will never change my ways One day I will find What I've been lookin' for You never know what lies On the other side of the door And when I rest my head In the place that I call home I will remember to stick To the right path that I was shown [chorus]
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