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She's So Fine
Hell ya! She's So Fine is a great comedy track but still a rockin' tune. Watch out now! I'm droppin' some country on ya!
Country - Alternative Country
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Joel Byrum
Joel Byrum -2005
May 16, 2005
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Story behind the song
Half-truth. You be the judge....
Yesterday was Saturday Saturday afternoon And I’m sitting there eating pancakes Eating pancakes with a spoon Well I pour myself a glass of A glass of lemonade And I think about dancing But no one wants to promenade Well I ain’t got a license Ain’t got a job I ain’t even got a car But here I am Playing my guitar She’s off in the desert Wishing upon a shooting star And here I am Playing my guitar (chorus) Whoa she’s so fine She’s always on my mind She’s fine so fine She’s always on my mind I hitch myself a ride Down to the local bar And I think about playing So I strap on my guitar The moment that I got there She took me by surprise She was dancing on the table In front of all the guys Well I didn’t know where she was from Didn’t even know here name But that’s alright because I’m so glad I came So I played a tune that rocked her And swept her off her feet And she came on back to my place Cos she thought I was neat, yeah She thought I was neat (chorus) She left a note on the bedside Saying she would not return So I wrote a little poem Entitled “Lessons That I’ve Learned” The poem turned into a song A song made just for her Well I’m not sure when she’ll hear it But she’ll hear it sometime, I’m sure I’m sure…yeah, I’m so sure (chorus) (repeat verse 2)
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