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we have evolved into cultured, sophisticated creatures...but deep down we are still goverened by basic instinct... the heat of the tribe. Music by KMP (Harout Kalandjian) www.soundclick.com/kmp
Electronic - Tribal
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2005 LisaT/Harout Kalandjian
2005 LisaT/Harout Kalandjian
June 16, 2005
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(Verse1) don't blame me for seeing through your charming smile basic instincts rule you govern you and all of male kind (Verse2) precious stones glisten with your gentle love but deep inside your masculine desire demands you take the girl make her yours now (Chorus) violently you stake your claim and the sun hangs high and heavy in a blood red sky feel the heat of your tribe scream your war cry (Verse3) painted lines shimmer in the firelight the lord of the dance tells the story of ritual sacrifice (Verse4) and here we are a thousand years have passed us by but I recognise the bloodlust in your eyes the animal inside comes alive now (Bridge) I crave your whispered stories of warriors and glory and nights so full of stars... they take your breath away and I can't fight the prince in you responding hungrily and blindly as the distant drums beat faster ever louder than before
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