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Prayer Warrior
The Soldier's Anthem (rough cut) featuring Al-Bizy
HipHop - Christian Rap
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One Eye Jedi
2004 Eyekon Productions
October 11, 2005
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Story behind the song
This is the first song I wrote as new believer. It was an exiting time for me. This song expressed the heart of a soldier going into battle. Life is a constant battle, one after the other. We win some and loose some, but in Christ the victory is ours! I showed it to my neighbor at the time, Al-Bizy, and he caught the vision. He agreed to lay down some rap vocals. Al went on to form "LNF" (Los-N-Found) along with "13th Apostle". LNF is a ministry that evangelizes street kids and gang members through hip hop. And it all started with this song.
I live the life of a Christian Soldier My only purpose.. serve my father well Cause only he can deliver me. And only he can bring me victory In times of war I'm a Prayer Warrior In times of war I'm a Christian soldier The time has come to fight... Fight the Good fight! The word of God is my only weapon. My sheild of faith protects me within. Cause now I know this is my destiny. And now I know His favor is all I need.
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