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Fiery Trials
Reggae- About trusting God; written & produced by Jedi; keys by Morphius B.,
Rock - Christian Rock
Previous peak charts position #436
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #33
One Eye Jedi
2004 Eyekon Productions
July 15, 2005
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Story behind the song
This Song was inspired by the story of Shadrak Mishak and Abendigo From the book of Daniel. We often go through trials in life and wonder why God has forsaken us. But even when these younge men were thrown into the furnace, God was there with them. God never promises to take us out of tribulations, but that he will be with us in the midst of them and use a bad situation to test our faith that we may grow in maturity. When the devil does something to try and destroy us God will turn it around for good.
I am the famous Ancient of days I've come to join you in the fire I haven't come to take you out of the flames I'll be with you through every trial Make no mistake my friend..I'm in the fiery trials Like I purify the gold, I'm gonna purify you I'm Ancient of days (hook) I am the great I Am... I am who I say I am I am the great I Am (x4) Your sacrifice is not what I desire Your honesty is what I require You can't your feelings from me The more you hide the more I see (hook) You tell me what you think I wanna hear I want to know your pain,your thoughts,your fears Don't you know why I set you apart? I want your soul,your mind and your heart (hook)