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Exposing the lie about evolution; written by Jedi; produced by Morphius B.
Rock - Christian Rock
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2004 Eyekon Productions
July 15, 2005
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Story behind the song
I just got tired of listening to the garbage about evolution their jaming down our throats as if it were a fact. It's not a fact, that's why it's called a theory. It's time we expose this THEORY for what it is!(check out marshill.org) This is the most distructive theory because it makes kids feel like they have no purpose in life and that there are no eternal consequences for their actions. I just wanted to throw these question out there on this song; what if they're mystaken? Are you willing to take that chance for eternity? What happens if the bible is wrong? Nothing! acording to the athiest. What happens if evolution is wrong? We will stand before God on judgement day and face the consequences for our actions unless we repent now and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. On that day it makes no difference wheather we believe or not. The bible says every knee will bow to Jesus.
They say, "I'ts just a coincidence. My life is the consequence of a big bang that happened long ago." and that,"I'm just a bag of bones, a life without a soul who came from murky waters and made it to the moon and who's sons and daughters evolved from a baboon." hook: Then they wonder why the youth have gone aerie. There's teen suicide they're tired of all the lies You better leave them kids along. Can't you hear the children groan because your murky waters is just a grave of bones. They say, "All that you see is your reality." And that, "You are the master of your destiny." They say,"All that you own is all you're ever worth. So you better make the best of life right here on earth. Because there is no after life where your spirit goes and in the end your just a bag of bones." hook: x2 Bridge:But what if a propose to you that none of what they say is true? What if they're mystaken? Is it a chance worth taking? Is there an alternative, a reason for me to live? Will death be the end of me? Because I wanna live eternally! end vamp: I can feel the wind in my hair. The ocean smell is everywhere; the waves crashing down. Sounds like creation all around. The more I see the more I know. His majestic ways begin to show the nature of his ways. Sounds like creation joined in praise.