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So, How Does It Look from the Stars?
AKA 'Penthouse.' A lo fi dream pop meditation on class, identity, and dharma... you know, the usual.
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TK Major
2002, TK Major
March 20, 2003
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Story behind the song
A sorta-trippy, sorta-dreamy meditation on class, identity, and fate. one blue nine's TK says: "In the movie Dead End, there's a scene where the poorest kids in depression era New York look up from their dingey tenement street to a glittering cocktail party on the penthouse terrace of a nearby riverside highrise... and even though the guests arrive at the guarded entrance across the street from the kids, that penthouse is scraping the stars... I wanted to play on the image of the penthouse as a sort of Mt. Olympus -- I wanted the refrain to hint at that whole classic tragic mortal-deity love affair and to play on the ambiguity like a classic broadway show tune. I wanted to, but I ended up with this."
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