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One Too Many Wishes
Previously released on "Journey By Rail" during my time in The Steel Scream Project.
Single - $0.75
Rock - Rock General
Previous peak charts position #355
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #109
words/music: Doodle/Troy Donoughue
2004-2015 FTW Music/Troy Boy Music
April 08, 2006
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Story behind the song
“A true collaboration, 50/50, with Troy Donoughue of The Steel Scream Project. The words were written in 1991, and we both tried to come up with our own versions over time, but neither of us got it quite right. I wasn’t until 2001 that we finally got back together to write the definitive music, and it came together perfectly.”
(1st verse) Flip a coin into the fountain, make your dreams come true, maybe just a hint of magic is all it takes for you. Health, Wealth, Someone to love and Heaven your home to be, but be careful what you ask for, you're only allowed three. *(Chorus) One too many wishes in the wishing well, one too many wishes for one man to tell, one too many wishes, your soul to sell, one too many wishes in the wishing well. (2nd verse) Took your health for granted, a body that was fit and lean, lost your job, lost your lady, your life's torn at the seams. You look at your past behind you and wonder what went wrong, dreams turn into nightmares, you hear the siren's song. * (3rd verse) Driving your head into the wall, frustration fills your life, reality comes crashing down, it cuts you like a knife. It occurs to you what's going on, there's a lesson to be learned, happiness can almost be bought but Heaven can only be earned. *